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The whole idea of General Education stems from the unflinching commitment of the Leadership of Unity University and MIDROC Technology Group for quality education. The idea aims at creating favorable conditions for the integration of KG, Primary, Secondary and Preparatory education in to the University system. The idea goes a long way towards ensuring quality input for higher education with a view to enhancing quality outcome.

Among the aims for the establishment of Unity Academy, one is preparing students for Unity University, as a feeder. The University believes that the quality of the input determines the quality of the output.  In the process of education, the quality of students demands years of devoted and constant preparation of both sides; the teachers and the learners. 

Unity University is dedicated to do whatever it demands to upgrade the quality of Unity Academy students, so that Unity University graduates will be reliable and productive citizens. It is also something special for the students to be of the same brand. To gradually move from Unity Academy to Unity University; to be together with friends from Nursery up to University, for lifelong friendship.

The first branch of Unity Academy – Gerji, is walking distance from Al-Amoudi Main Campus.  The Academy become functional in  Ababa, in 2013/14 as a feeder for Unity University in particular and for other higher learning establishments in general. It kicked-off by opening Kindergarten and Primary First Cycle – Grade 1 – 4. By 2014/15 academic year, it extended its level by adding the Second Cycle – Grade 5 and 6 in the next academic year 2015/16; it finalized the Second Cycle – Grade 7 and 8 in 2016/17. It is looking forward to launch the next levels in the near future.     

The second branch was opened in 2015/16 academic years in Adama town. Unity Academy Adama Branch becomes operational in a rented compound, which accommodated the then “Green Avenue” school. The school had been in operation for 15 years; and it was sad to simply watch such and educational institution closing down. Unity University’s venture was major step taken to save the educational establishment, which was to be closed down due to financial problems.

Currently, the Academy offers schooling from Nursery, through KG, to Grade School (Grade 1 to 8). The plan is to expand the Grade School to Secondary and Preparatory. Since the Academy has moved to Unity University Adama Campus, in its own premise, it will make the plan of extending the school much easier.    

After Unity Academy Adama Branch – the third one in line Unity Academy Keranyo Branch which is accommodated in Arega Campus, become functional in 2016/17 academic years. The unique future of this branch is that, it is accommodated in a newly build buildings designed for the purpose. It become function by accommodating Nursery, KG and first and second cycle grades, thus starts as an elementary school. In the following academic year 2018/19, Secondary and Preparatory (from grade 9 up to 12) class were opened.  The future plan for Arega Campus is to deliver University level programs like other Campuses of the University.

The forth one is the one which become functional at Burayu Campus. It started its long journey by opening Nursery and KG programs in 2018/19 Academic year. The plan for the Unity Academy Burayu Branch is the same like its predecessors, to facilitate the general education by opening – Elementary – Secondary –and Preparatory classes.

Vision, Mission and Values of Unity Academy: VISION

Unity Academy is established with a vision to provide quality education for children.


Unity Academy is committed to equip children with the necessary knowledge and skills and develop them holistically.


Unity Academy’s guiding principles are:

  •             Children-focused services
  •             Personalized care.
  •             Focused parent-teacher relationship
  •             Result/outcome-oriented effort
General Objectives

Unity Academy was established with the general objective of increasing access and improving the quality of education through integration of General Education with Tertiary Education (Preparatory for University entrance).

Specific Objectives

To provide service on:

  •             Pre-school education
  •             Primary and secondary education
  •             Preparatory education for tertiary level

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