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Adama Campus, Adama

Unity University

Adams Campus,Adama

Adama Campus is the first Campus outside of Addis Ababa, which was opened in 1995. Starting from 2018/19 academic year, the Campus is accommodated in a new building. The construction of the new building has brought about significant improvement in various facilities of the former Campus ground. To mention only a few, there is significant rise in the number of classrooms, from 8 to 19; chairs, from 400 to 847; Computer Laboratories, from two to five; and toilet facilities, from 10 to 50 in the compound in general.

In general, Adama Campus has undergone basic changes to be one of the best establishments of its kind in the developing Adama city. 


The Campus started its function by delivering Diploma Programs in Accounting and Business Administration. Currently, it delivers:

  • Master of Business Administration - General
  • BA Degree Programs in:
  • Accounting and Finance,
  • Business Administration,
  • Management, and
  • Computer Science.

The Campus also accommodates the Adama Branch Office of the College of Distance Education, which delivers BA Degree Programs in:

  • Accounting and Finance,
  • Management,
  • Marketing Management,
  • Economics, and
  • English Language.

Beside the College of Distance Education, Adama Campus also accommodates Adama Branch of Unity Academy. Currently, the Academy is offering Pre-KG, KG, and the First and Second Cycles of Grade School, with a bright future to develop Secondary School and Preparatory programs by the coming year.




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