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General MBA



The Department of Management and Marketing Management - is one of the departments of Unity University that existed during the establishment of the then Unity College in 1997. The Department commenced its operation with the diploma program in management and introduced the BA Degree Program in 1999 and the Masters Program in 2007. Currently, the Department is responsible for a number of BA and MA Degree Programs in Management, Marketing Management, Business Administration, Organizational Leadership and Project Management.

Masters of Business Administration (MBA-General)


The MBA program is developed with the general objective of:

  • Training and developing competent management professionals for business and society,
  • Enabling students to have innovative and creative mind-set stressing not only on short-term managerial problems but also on broad strategic issues,
  • Contributing its part in mitigating shortage of university instructors
  • Striving to produce effective and useful research findings which can rectify business and societal problems of the country, and
  • Providing academic services to different organizations.


Graduates of MBA are expected to:

  • Instruct different management courses in tertiary level,
  • Manage and lead organizations of various types,
  • Participate in policy making efforts in different levels of governments and non-government organizations,
  • Able to create and run new ventures, and
  • Able to conduct rigorous researches of business kind.


  • Having completed undergraduate (Bachelor Degree) program in recognized university or college, and
  • A minimum of CGPA 2.00 during graduation.


The program duration for regular students is 24 months where as for extension students will be 36 months. .


  • Take all required courses for the program.
  • Achieve a minimum of CGPA 3.00.
  • Successfully defending the Master’s Thesis..
  • In order to graduate, a candidate must have a minimum cumulative Grade point Average (CGPA) of 3.00.
  • A student must earn an average of B to graduate in clear status. Still though, a student with two C’s or two C+ ‘s or one C and one C+ is urged to remove his/her C or C+ .
  • A Candidate who has more than two Cs or two C+ s will not be allowed to graduate even if he/she earns CGPA of 3.00 or above.


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No. Course No. Course Title Cr.Hrs. ECTS Pre-requisite
1. MBA 611 Organizational Behavior 2 4.5 none
2. MBA 621 Quantitative Methods for Decision Making 3 7 none
3. MBA 631 Business Research Methods 2 4.5 None
4. MBA 641 Ethical and Legal Environment 2 4.5 none
5. MBA 612 Financial and Management Accounting 2 4.5 None
6. MBA 622 Managing Human Resource 2 4.5 MBA 611,641
7. MBA 632 Global Marketing Management 2 4.5 MBA 611,641
8. MBA 642 Managerial Economics 2 4.5 MBA 621
9. MBA 711 Project Management 2 4.5 MBA 612,622
10. MBA 721 Management information 2 4.5 MBA 611
11. MBA 731 Financial Strategy and management 2 4.5 MBA 612
12. MBA 741 Operation Management 2 4.5 MBA 621
13. MBA 712 Managing Knowledge 2 4.5 MBA 721
14. MBA 732 Management of change and Innovation 2 4.5 MBA 622
15. MBA 742a Thesis I 3 7 MBA 631
16. MBA 722 Strategic Management 3 7 MBA 711, 721, 731, 741
17. MBA 742b Tesis II 3 7 MBA 742a


  • MBA 611. Organizational Behavior, Cr. hr. 2, ECTS 4.5
    Pre-requisite: None
    Course Description
    The course introduces with meaning and evaluation of organizational behavior. It provides the student with the concepts of individual behavior like perception, value, attitude, and motivation. The course also includes theoretical frame work for group behavior like team work, leadership, power, politics, and conflict. It explains concepts of organization system such as structure technology, work design, culture, and organizational change.

  • MBA 621. Quantitative Methods for Decision Making, Cr. hr. 2, ECTS 7
    Pre-requisite: None
    Course Description
    This course covers concepts of decision-making using decision criteria, linear programming, matrix algebra network, queuing, inventory, and simulations models. Regression forecasting and correlation analysis is also included.

  • MBA 631. Business Research Methods, Cr. hr. 2, ECTS 4.5
    Pre-requisite: None
    Course Description
    This course covers research design, methods of formulating research problem, sourcing and collection of data. The course includes data analysis and presentation approaches. Students are expected to write a research proposal and present their work orally.

  • Econ 621. Research Methodology in Economics, cr.hrs. 3, cont.hrs 3
    Pre-requisite: Econ 612
    Course Description:
    The course covers the philosophical bases of economic research methods and methodology: the history of various debates regarding scientific methodology in economic research proposal and report writing; alternative approaches to planning research projects and understanding econometrics, mathematical programs, input-output, benefit-cost analysis and other research methods with respect to their dependence on the concepts of economic theory, mathematics and statistics.

  • MBA 641. Ethical and Legal Environment, Cr. hr. 2, ECTS 4.5
    Pre-requisite: None
    Course Description
    This course discusses basic principles of business ethics and issues related to the social responsibilities of a firm. The legal and regulatory environment that influences business firms with an emphasis on employment issue will be covered.

  • MBA 612. Financial and Management Accounting, Cr. hr. 2, ECTS 4.5
    Pre-requisite: None
    Course Description
    This course presents two major areas namely Financial and Managerial Accounting. The Financial Accounting part includes the basic accountings, budgeting, major assets, partnership and corporation Accounting Managerial accounting covers, the concepts of cost, cost volume profit analysis and Accounting information for decision making.

  • MBA 622. Managing Human Resource, Cr. hr. 2, ECTS 4.5
    Pre-requisite: MBA 611, 641
    Course Description
    This course designed to cover the methods used to acquire train, develop, reward employees within an organization. Compensation, performance and management of labor are emphasized

  • EMBA 632. Global Marketing Management, Cr. hr. 2, ECTS 4.5
    Pre-requisite: MBA 611, 641
    Course Description
    This course covers an overview of marketing, fundamentals of marketing, marketing environment, current trend in marketing from global perspective and international marketing entry approaches and price decisions.

  • MBA 642. Managerial Economics, Cr. hr. 2, ECTS 4.5
    Pre-requisite: 621
    Course Description
    The course covers the basic techniques and fundamental concepts of managerial economics, demand, input/out and price decisions. It includes the economic behavioral theories of a firm.

  • MBA 711. Project Management, Cr. hr. 2, ECTS 4.5
    Pre-requisite: MBA 612, 622
    Course Description
    This course introduces the approaches on how a project is identified and formulated. Furthermore, it covers project appraisal, finance, cost system management and evolution techniques

  • MBA 721. Managing Information, Cr. hr. 2, ECTS 4.5
    Pre-requisite: MBA 611
    Course Description
    This course includes system development process, computer network, data management, integrating computers to corporate information system for strategic decision-making. Socio legal aspects of IT (Information Technology) and managing IT infrastructure in an enterprise will be covered as well.

  • MBA 731. Financial Strategy and Management, Cr. hr. 2, ECTS 4.5
    Pre-requisite: MBA 612
    Course Description
    This course covers methods of evaluating and interpreting financial statements, financial planning, performance operation and investment opportunities.

  • MBA 741. Operations Management, Cr. hr. 2, ECTS 4.5
    Pre-requisite: MBA 621,
    Course Description
    This course is design to deal with product, facility planning, work and job design, and operation planning and control systems. It also emphasis on value engineering, quality assurance and materials management of service and production sectors

  • MBA 712. Managing Knowledge, Cr. hr. 2, ECTS 4.5
    Pre-requisite: MBA 721
    Course Description
    This course covers the management of intellectual capital of an organization with an emphasis on the knowledge-centric driers, management system, and road map of knowledge management.

  • MBA 722. Strategic Management, Cr. hr. 3, ECTS 7
    Pre-requisite: MBA 711, 721, 731, 741
    Course Description
    This course is design to include environmental analysis, component of corporate strategies, formulation and implantation of strategy and actions, and process that should be considered in strategic development.

  • MBA 732. Management of Change and Innovation, Cr. hr. 2, ECTS 4.5
    Pre-requisite: MBA 622
    Course Description
    This course covers concepts and ubiquity of organizational change the role of change agents issues related to innovative changes and ambivalence to change in organizational context.

  • MBA 742a. Thesis I, Cr. hr. 3, ECTS 7
    Pre-requisite: MBA 613
    Course Description
    Graduate students enrolled in this course will be required to start working on the first phase of their work under supervision of a member of the faculty and they are expected to prepare a research proposal and conduct an independent research project work. The proposal shall be submitted to an assigned advisor for review and approval. The student will proceed to the next phase for doing final work upon the approval of the advisor.

  • MBA 742b. Thesis II, Cr. hr. 3, ECTS 7
    Pre-requisite: MBA 742a
    Course Description
    Graduate students enrolled in this course, while working under a supervision of a member of the faculty are expected to plan and conduct an independent research project work, to submit for review and approval, and to present their work for an oral defense.

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