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Rule and Regulation

Rules and Regulations

Unity University maintains an open door admissions policy for all applicants. The University serves students regardless of race, creed, sex, national origin, ethnic, age, or physical handicap. Admission of students in the different programs of study is determined by the Ministry of Education or HERQA policy and regulations. Within the guidelines established by the Agency policy and regulations, the University adopts an "Admission and Registration Procedures" policy.

Admission of first-year applicants is, therefore, accepted based on the following criteria:

1.  General Provisions on Admissions to the University

    1.1   Admissions to all regular undergraduate programs are according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

    1.2   All enquires concerning admission to any of the study programs shall be directed to the Office of the Registrar.

    1.3   The Office of the Registrar shall send all applicants that meet the minimum requirement set by the University to the Quality Assurance Office for approval.

    1.4   Applicants who are coming from other countries should bring Higher Education Equivalence Letter from Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency (HERQA)              and meet all the requirements set by the University.

2.   Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Degree Programs

    2.1   Applicants with pass in all required subjects in the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Certificate Examination (EHEECE) as set by the Ministry of Education or             any other legally authorized organ are eligible for admission to the regular undergraduate program.

    2.2. Placement into departments of each college shall be chosen by the applicant him/herself as per the general guidelines provided by the University.

    2.3. Criteria for special admission including applicants with:

       2.3.1 Foreign examination results confirmed by the letter of HERQA.

       2.3.2 Official transcript from recognized Higher Education Institution.

       2.3.3 Degree seeking another Degree

       2.3.4 TVET Level IV Certificate and fulfilling the following four requirements:

                 1. EGSECE/ESLCE

                 2. COC pass

                 3. One year of work practice evidence

                 4. Passing University Entrance Examination prepared by the University

3.   Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Degree Programs

    3.1. The applicant must have completed the academic requirement for the bachelor’s degree with an overall cumulative GPA of at least 2.00.

    3.2. The applicant must have completed the academic requirements for the bachelor’s degree with an academic achievement comparable to that stated in 3.1 above or              any other recognized institution of higher learning.

    3.3. The applicant must satisfactorily pass a qualifying examination, when required by the School.

    3.4. The applicant must be supported by at least three letters of recommendation from the applicant’s undergraduate instructors, employers and professional              associations. Such letters of recommendation should preferably come from the first two of these three categories.

N.B All applicants require to:

              ·  Complete the application and different commitment forms and attach the application fee receipt.

              ·  Present original credential (Certificate, diploma, degree, transcript, etc.) with photocopies.

              ·  Submit three passport size color photographs.

              ·  Submit a copy of official transcript i.e. to be mailed directly to the office of the Registrar of Unity University from the previous institution (for transfer and post-             graduate program students).

              ·   Pass the entrance examination prepared by the University (for Graduate Programs).

4.  The registration of a fresh student

    4.1  General

           a)Applicants who secure admission to Unity University shall register on the date specified by the Office of the Registrar.

           b)Applicants may register in person or by proxy.

           c)Applicants cannot attend class without fulfilling registration formalities.

    4.2. Apply for Admission and Registration

Do the following step by step:

        4.2.1.    Admission:

          a)Complete the “Application Form for Admission” in two copies.

          b)Present the completed application forms with copies of certificates, transcripts, and other testimonials as required and original certificates and credentials for               cross checking and verification.

          c)Pay the appropriate fee to Finance Services for application, registration, courses, and modules etc. for the first year first semester in accordance to the prescribed               fee rates.

          d)Receive two cash receipts from Finance Services one for Office of the Registrar (yellow color) and another for candidate original copy (white color).

          e)Submit to the Office of the Registrar the yellow-color cash receipt along with the application forms and documents.

        4.2.2.    Registration:

          a)Collect the appropriate course registration slips in four copies and your ID card from the Office of the Registrar. 

N.B. It is possible that adjustments may be made with respect to course offerings.

          b)Take the slips to the Registration Confirmation Desk and get the Registrar’s seal on the slips and on your ID card.

          c)Collect two of the slips and your ID card from Registration Confirmation Desk.

          d)Collect your module(s) by presenting one of your registration slips.

                                                                       =End of Registration=

5.  The registration of a continuing student (2nd Semester and above)

    5.1. Collect Grade Report

         a)Collect your grade report from the Office of the Registrar/Customer Services Desk by presenting a valid ID Card.

    5.2. Get Registration Slip

         a)Get Registration Slips for the semester in four copies, containing the courses that will be taken during the semester, from the Registrar’s Office.

         b)Pay the required fees to Finance Services, for registration, courses, modules etc. listed in the registration slips.

         c)Receive two cash receipts from Finance Services one for the Registrar’s Office (yellow color) and another original copy (white color) for you.

         d)Present the cash receipt (yellow color) along with the slips to the Office of the Registrar to get the seal and ID card renewal stamp.

         e)Collect two of the slips and your ID card from Registration Confirmation Desk.

         f) Collect your module(s) by presenting one of your registration slips.

                                                                        =End of Registration=


1.The registration would be incomplete if a student misses any one of the admission and registration processes.

2.The registration process shall be incomplete without the seal of the Registrar.


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